Strefa VIP

LECHIA GDAŃSK PRESTIGE CLUB is a business club, which associates tenants of business properties and VIP boxes. It is a special zone prepared for the most demanding guests who appreciate comfort of the place in the same way as the sporting event itself.

VIP Boxes

The VIP Boxes have the most luxurious conditions, which facilitate participating in events and experiencing the emotions accompanying sport and music events. They are a perfect space to foster business relations. You can use VIP Boxes each day at his own discretion and they can be an unusual study, office or the corporate conference room…

  • 16x
    Platinium box
  • 20x
    Diamond box
  • 1Diamond boxes on 2nd 3rd level
  • 2Platinium boxes on 2nd 3rd level
  • 2Platinium boxes on 2nd 3rd level
  • 3Event box 'Amber Lounge by TFF'
  • 4VIP Tribune terrace
  • 5Business Seats on VIP Tribune
  • 6Locker rooms Exit
  • 7Coach Bench
Stadion Energa Gdańsk

4 sizes:

  • 10 people
    ca. 30m2
  • 20 people
    ca. 60m2
  • 24 people
    ca. 70m2
  • 40 people
    ca. 135m2

Possiblity of merging Boxes into a bigger one.

See Box amenities
  • Conference table, leather armchairs
  • Drinks cabinet and chairs of the bar type
  • Kitchenette with cabinets and refrigerator
  • Panoramic windows overlooking the football pitch
  • Leather seats on the balcony in front of the boxes
  • Full HD LCD monitor 52" with the option to connect AV and IT devices
  • Telephone line
  • Air conditioning, Wi-Fi
  • Cooperation
    building relationships with partners and clients of the Box's owner
  • Sport
    Lechia Gdańsk matches in Ekstraklasa (top division) and Puchar Polski (the Polish Cup)
  • Fun
    other events: concerts, festivals, friendly matches of foreign clubs and the Polish national team
  • Prestige
    joining the Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club
  • Freedom
    access to the VIP Box 24h/7/365
  • Business
    additional advertising and commercial rights
  • Exclusiveness
    possibility of one's own VIP Box arrangement according to one's own design
  • Partnership
    preferential cooperation conditions at selected events and the possibility of cooperation with Amber EXPO (Conference and Convention Centre of the Gdansk International Fair Co.)
  • Networking
    the possibility to meet the owners of other VIP Boxes and business seats


The Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club is associated with a great atmosphere during a concert, good company and the highest quality of services provided. Delicious cuisine adds a special value to all of this.

Catering is something more than a well-prepared meal; it also consists in the manner of serving it, appropriate personnel and professional organization. The innovative approach in creating the catering offer and the use of gastronomic technology is our asset. For each event we create a unique and creative menu, which guarantees unforgettable atmosphere.

The Sports Hospitality, a long-term business partner of the Stadion Energa Gdańsk, is a company responsible for the catering zone in the stadium. It specializes in gastronomic services and mass catering in the sports facilities such as: VIP zones (restaurant the ATOM Club, lóże VIP), commercial restaurants and bars (T29 Restaurant & Sports Pub public zones (quick service catering kiosks for football fans) and other sport and special occasion events.

Hot buffet:
Soup from grilled lobster, with shrimps and tuna
Pork tenderloin in forest mushroom sauce
Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and tomatoes, a spicy sauce from roasted pepper and tomatoes
Hetman-style roasted duck with red cabbage with apples
Cod loin stewed in dill and crayfish sauce
Roasted potatoes stuffed with bacon and mushrooms
String bean with dried tomatoes and garlic

Live cooking:
Sushi prepared by the sushi master

The snacks during the match and its break will be served in the VIP Boxes:
Roast beef marinated in French mustard and roasted until it gets pink
Roasted tenderloin in thyme and ginger marinade
Veal pâté roasted with smoked bacon
Duck breast roasted with fresh cherry sauce
Salad from tender lettuce mix, with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and pesto
Greek salad with feta cheese, pickled olives and with bacon chips

Shots from exotic fruit
Pistachio brownies
Blueberry panna cotta with whipped cream
Cappuccino mousse on vanilla sponge cake
Truffles with matcha green tea
New York-style cheesecake

Water, fruit juice, carbonated drinks
White and red wine, mulled wine
Beer, whisky, vodka

The Guide

In the basic package for the members of Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club, apart from numerous advertising and commercial rights, there are also tickets for all of the matches in which Lechia Gdańsk takes part and which Stadion Energa Gdańsk hosts, namely T-Mobile Extra class and the Polish football championship.

In the case when other mass events are organized, especially by external entities, in the Stadion Energa Gdańsk, we undertake to make every effort to negotiate with these entities in order to keep the pre-emption right to buy the VIP tickets for the members of Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club.

Car parks

The tenants of the VIP boxes and Business Class Seats receive permanent entry cards, which also entitle them to drive into the car park. When Lechia Gdańsk plays its match, you can use a separate P1 car park, which is specially prepared for you. In the case of other mass events, these arrangements can change, depending on the type of the event and agreements with the organizer. However, most often in such cases, the P1 car park is made available for the VIP box tenants, while the P3 car park is for Business Class Seats tenants. Each time, you are informed about the car park arrangements.

Entrance to the Stadion Energa Gdańsk

Especially for you, there is a separate VIP entrance. It is located on the promenade, looking from the direction of the red stands. Members gain access to the stadium using their permanent entry cards.

These cards authorize the members to access their Business Class Seats 2 hours before each match, as well as to remain in zone after it has finished. Under the statutory obligation, the owner of such a card is obliged to provide us with the data (first and last name, PESEL number and face image) of those who use the cards during a given match. Each card holder can give their entry cards to any people they like: their guests or friends (it is necessary that they become familiar with the Prestige Zone Regulations).

The VIP box is an ideal place to foster and develop business relations with prospective contractors. The box tenants can make use of these rooms at their own discretion and transform them into their unusual stuffy, office or the corporate conference room. Our partners have the right to access their boxes 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. However, this is not applicable during the periods in which the mass events are prepared. In such a case, the box tenants are notified.

The entry card holders, which belong to the Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club, are admitted to the stadium. If there are more guests than the number of cards that are issued, please inform the proper Hospitality Manager about this. In such a situation, we will provide you with one-off badges in the stadium secretary office. To ensure that our service is of the highest quality, please always report kind of meetings via e-mail to the Hospitality Managers (preferably, at least 24 hours in advance).

The car park

You can access the P1 car park also on the basis of Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club card. These cards have preset access codes to the parking system and have "P1" sign on them.

The catering orders

If you would like to have catering, e.g. for a coffee break, lunch or exquisite dinner, please inform the Hospitality Managers 48 hrs before the planned event. We will assist you in menu selection and optimization.


Any complaints concerning permanent entry cards or one-off tickets should be reported to the Hospitality Managers or submitted in the office of the Arena Gdańsk Operator Sp. z o.o.

To find out more: see the Regulations


Brak tłumaczenia

The Tenants of the VIP boxes

Personalised events

Stadion Energa Gdańsk is the perfect place to organize meetings in the stadium, such as banquets, conferences, training events, workshops as well as formal galas or integration events. It offers an infinite range of possibilities.

We offer various rooms, starting from the spacious ATOM Club restaurant overlooking the football pitch, through modern conference rooms to rental of event boxes or even the players' locker rooms. As a result, we are able to organize a meeting for 10 people or for 1000 guests.

The full infrastructure of the stadium is at your disposal. Your event in the Stadion Energa Gdańsk may finish with a real football tournament on the pitch or a fantastic concert with a stage in the external area. A part of the entertainment programme may be any attraction offered at the stadium: zip line, carting, or dedicated stadium visit with a guide.

The excellent location of the stadium, monitored car parks, modern equipment of rooms, unique advertising possibilities and exquisite cuisine make every event organized with us exceptional. Thanks to our experience, we are able to comprehensively and professionally organize any meeting and event in the Stadion Energa Gdańsk.


Wedding receptions, anniversaries
Baptisms, First Communion receptions
Pre-graduation balls
Stag nights and hen nights
Other private celebrations


Conferences, training events, presentations
Banquets, galas
Corporate events
Business meetings
Corporate events
Integration events
Finals of contests and motivational programmes
Competitions and contests for commercial partners