Type of the mass event


In the basic package for the members of Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club, apart from numerous advertising and commercial rights, there are also tickets for all of the matches in which Lechia Gdańsk takes part and which Stadion Energa Gdańsk hosts, namely T-Mobile Extra class and the Polish football championship.

In the case when other mass events are organized, especially by external entities, in the Stadion Energa Gdańsk, we undertake to make every effort to negotiate with these entities in order to keep the pre-emption right to buy the VIP tickets for the members of Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club.

Car parks

The tenants of the VIP boxes and Business Class Seats receive permanent entry cards, which also entitle them to drive into the car park. When Lechia Gdańsk plays its match, you can use a separate P1 car park, which is specially prepared for you. In the case of other mass events, these arrangements can change, depending on the type of the event and agreements with the organizer. However, most often in such cases, the P1 car park is made available for the VIP box tenants, while the P3 car park is for Business Class Seats tenants. Each time, you are informed about the car park arrangements.

Entrance to the Stadion Energa Gdańsk

Especially for you, there is a separate VIP entrance. It is located on the promenade, looking from the direction of the red stands. Members gain access to the stadium using their permanent entry cards.

These cards authorize the members to access their Business Class Seats 2 hours before each match, as well as to remain in zone after it has finished. Under the statutory obligation, the owner of such a card is obliged to provide us with the data (first and last name, PESEL number and face image) of those who use the cards during a given match. Each card holder can give their entry cards to any people they like: their guests or friends (it is necessary that they become familiar with the Prestige Zone Regulations).