VIP boxes

The VIP Boxes have the most luxurious conditions, which facilitate participating in events and experiencing the emotions accompanying sport and music events. They are a perfect space to foster business relations. You can use VIP Boxes each day at his own discretion and they can be an unusual study, office or the corporate conference room…

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Stadion Energa Gdańsk
  • 16x
    Platinium Box
  • 20x
    Diamond Box
  • 1Diamond Boxes on 2nd and 3rd level
  • 2Platinium Boxes on 2nd and 3rd level
  • 2Platinium Boxes on 2nd and 3rd level
  • 3Event Box "Amber Lounge by TFF"
  • 4VIP Tribune terrace
  • 5Business Seats on VIP Tribune
  • 6Locker rooms Exit
  • 7Coach Bench
  • 8Dedicated VIP Entrance
Stadion Energa Gdańsk

37 Boxes on 2 levels

4 sizes:

  • 10 people
    ca. 30m2
  • 20 people
    ca. 60m2
  • 24 people
    ca. 70m2
  • 40 people
    ca. 135m2

Possiblity of merging Boxes into a bigger one.

See Box amenities
  • Conference table, leather armchairs
  • Drinks cabinet and chairs of the bar type
  • Kitchenette with cabinets and refrigerator
  • Panoramic windows overlooking the football pitch
  • Leather seats on the balcony in front of the boxes
  • Full HD LCD monitor 52" with the option to connect AV and IT devices
  • Telephone line
  • Air conditioning, Wi-Fi
Hospitality packages benefits

The VIP Boxes - the licence package

  • The membership in the Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club
  • The right to use the image of the Stadion Energa Gdańsk
  • Full access to the boxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week per day
  • The VIP Boxes ready for use and fully equipped
  • The right to arrange the VIP Boxes at your own discretion
  • Catering during matches in included in the package; The possibility to order the catering on weekdays (to be agreed individually)
  • Parking places in the P1 (VIP) car park: 3 or 6 seats for the VIP Boxes number 10.20/24., respectively

Advertising space in the following locations

  • The cornice above the VIP Box and on the balcony from the stands direction
  • A place on the board for VIP Box tenants in the foyer of the VIP zone
  • The inscription before the entry to the VIP Boxes
  • Your logotype on the Stadion Energa Gdańsk website


  • Stadium Tours - the possibility to organize custom tours:
    2 x 20 people or 3 x 12 people a year and discounts on subsequent visits
  • The pre-emption right to buy tickets (with a discount) for extra events and occupy your VIP Box
    - the amount of discounts always depends on the type of event and its organizer
  • Discounts on Business Conference Centre
  • The discount to rent the whole stadium and its infrastructure (e.g. the pitch, locker rooms, car parks)
    for the purpose of corporate event organization in accordance with the idea "Only the sky is the limit"
  • The discounts on daily activities taking place in the FUN ARENA
  • The possibility to participate in internal stadium events, competitions and bonding events
  • Discounts on Business Class Seats
  • The priority right due to the partnership in organizing mass events
  • Cooperation

    building relationships with partners and clients of the Box's owner

  • Sport

    Lechia Gdańsk matches in Ekstraklasa (top division) and Puchar Polski (the Polish Cup)

  • Fun

    other events: concerts, festivals, friendly matches of foreign clubs and the Polish national team

  • Prestige

    joining the Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club

  • Freedom

    access to the VIP Box 24h/7/365

  • Business

    additional advertising and commercial rights

  • Exclusiveness

    possibility of one's own VIP Box arrangement according to one's own design

  • Partnership

    preferential cooperation conditions at selected events and the possibility of cooperation with Amber EXPO (Conference and Convention Centre of the Gdansk International Fair Co.)

  • Networking

    the possibility to meet the owners of other VIP Boxes and business seats

Box Arrangements

In order to improve the prestige of the VIP Boxes, the tenants have the possibility to arrange their rooms according to their own designs, so that they are consistent with the corporate brand and were a company's showcase. A VIP Box is almost a real show-room, where a company can show its potential. You can arrange the audio video equipment, furniture, special lighting system, but you can also have the ceilings or walls reconstructed, etc.

We provide full substantive assistance and we offer support with regard to both design and its execution. If have such a need or would like to consult this – please contact the Hospitality Manager.

The Tenants of the VIP boxes

VIP boxes